ENVIS Centre on NGOs and Parliament

Hosted by WWF-India, New Delhi
Sponsored by Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Govt of India


It gives ENVIS Centre, WWF India immense pleasure to launch the “Web Portal” of Environmental Issues in the Indian Parliament

The Portal presents pertinent and vital information that has been collected, compiled and analyzed in the field of environment in the Indian Parliament.

The web portal is divided into several sections like Debates, Analysis, Questions, Burning Issues, Standing Committee Report, Statistical and Graphical Representation.

Each section gives a quick glimpse of the environmental discussion held in both Houses of Parliament (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) during the Budget, Monsoon and Winter session of respective years. Environmental discussion under each section is carried out on the issues pertaining to the 18 subject areas of the broad multidisciplinary field of the environment, that the centre has prepared in association with Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and other ministries.

Our Portal fulfils a long-standing need for disseminating Environmental information to our clients, policy makers, researchers, academicians, stakeholders, and the Community at-large whose interest lies in parliamentary studies on environmental issues.

The Portal will enable the public to be more aware and to have a better understanding of our comprehensive programmes and services.